About AdviceScene

AdviceScene provides real answers from real lawyers and other legal professionals for free on it’s legal Q&A and on its TV show, Family Matters. AdviceScene was founded in 2009 by Nancy Kinney B.A., LL.B (UVic 2002) in early 2009; and is based in Victoria, BC Canada. Nancy started the company with the intention of ‘democratizing the law’ - bringing regular people knowledge and understanding of the law. To her, it seemed unfair that all of us must abide by the law; but most of us don’t have enough legal knowledge to make the right decisions when faced with a legal problem. Nancy hopes that AdviceScene will change some of that. As for lawyers answering questions for free; it is something each one of them does every day in their practice already. The only difference with answering on AdviceScene rather than over the phone, in the office, or at family gatherings, is that everyone gets to see the answers, not just the person that asked the question.

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